An aspiring girl

guitar girl.png

A high school girl enrolled in the English conversation class two weeks ago at which I’ve been participated in for a decade. She goes to a girls’ high school and seems to enjoy sing a song with a guitar.


She told us that she uploaded videos that she sang songs on the TwitCasting and gained a thousand “Likes”. YouTube is more popular. There are many “YouTubers” in the world. We can find interesting videos on it. According to her, she can put the videos on the TwitCasting easier than YouTube by only using a smartphone. Anyway, she is likely to be an aspiring girl. It might be just a trend for young generation. But she has emotion to want to be credited by someone.


My brother had the same situation when he was a high school boy 40 years ago. He didn’t stay home on weekends as he practiced playing saxophone or performed at some live houses. Even now, he keeps playing music as a sax player. When we are young, we have a strong feeling and power that we can do what we want to do. It’s challenging. But, it’s fun. And it tells us a lot.


She seems to go a neighboring big city this weekend to look for a new guitar. Though we have some musical instrumental shops in my city, there are few kinds of guitars. I’m sure that it’s a right way to visit bigger musical instrumental shops for her.


I’m also thinking about uploading my video that I play guitar.