Changing a fate

People interact each other. We are influenced by someone, and someone is influenced by others. As I’ve worked at organizations for 30 years, I’m used to being in the organizations, and I feel it’s normal to keep working at an organization. I’ve not had lots of colleagues including subordinates, and I think that I’ve not given influence to colleagues like changing their fates.

A colleague is going to leave the office at the end of this year, and move to another company. He and I have been involved in a same project until last month. From the middle of this project, he seemed to have considered leaving the company. He talked me about his trouble whether he would stay at the company or leave it two month ago. I talked him my idea.

His involvement of the project made his life change. People in Western countries or China may think it’s not a big deal. Meanwhile I suppose that many Japanese have an idea that changing jobs is a big deal.

If you were presented better offer by another company, I wonder if you could determine to move to the company. How should we cope with the balance between anxiety and hope?

When I talked with him two month ago, I said my opinion to him. Eventually the result came like my opinion. It means that his ability was highly acclaimed by the company.

We interacted several people at the project. The interaction resulted in his move. I realized that the real interaction can change people’s fates.