Power unit for electric vehicles

attracting point.png

An annual exhibition of automotive suppliers with a conference of the automotive industry in Japan was held at Pacifico Yokohama from May 24 to 26. I visited it and interviewed persons at several booths.


European suppliers exhibited products and prototypes at the space. At the electrification trend in the auto industry, some showed a power unit for electric vehicles, which is integrated with electric motor, power control unit including inverter and reduction gears.


Japanese auto makers have launched hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles in the market. They have developed and produced the motors and the power units in the companies. However, the suppliers underlined that the auto manufacturers would accept the electric drive power units provided by them in near future, because the OEMs have to concentrate to polish the charm of cars.


Decades ago, young people got excited by new release of high-power cars. Now no one is interested in the power. We rather care about eco-friendliness. Autonomous driving cars and connectivity are seemingly more attractive for consumers. The auto makers have to ramp up the development creating more added value. They have no room to focus on the power units development. The suppliers told me so.


Attracting points for the customers in the auto industry are changing. I wonder what the auto makers will be if they won’t make the power unit of the cars. However I guess that they can’t cease the trend. As I heard the voices of the suppliers, I felt a change of the industry.