I realize that people have different abilities. Some people are good at organizing data. Others have affluent creativity. Some have strong sense of mission and they try to work hard to fulfill tasks.


Those who play first fiddle have to organize the variety of people. Of course, it’s important to raise their competence. However, I feel it has an aspect that we can’t fill in the in competence part even if we make an effort.


When I assigned a simple task to my colleague last year, he handed in me the product with lots of mistakes. I gave him words of warning. However, the weakness that he can’t complete tasks without mistakes has never improved. I thought it’s his competence. It may be in vain to rebuke him. Though I give some tasks to him, I don’t expect his deliverables.


I have another colleague. He sometimes come up with good ideas. Reversely, he’s lack of logical thinking. I often can’t understand his presentations because logical grounds are unclear. I encouraged him to learn the logical thinking by attending a seminar. However, you know that his logical competence won’t improve so soon.


I hope them to have the sense of mission and responsibility to finish the tasks, even if they are lack of competence. By continuing to complete the tasks, their competence improve. I’d like to believe it.


Author: mickflyaway

I'm Mick. I write bolgs focusing on business related subjects.

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