Common sense and bias

common sense2.png

“For what do we have to do this work?” If you asked your boss this question at the office, you would be given bitter words. Your boss might not understand the purpose of it. He can say it is “common sense”. But he might be cheated by the false common sense.


As you think it as rules in the society, you can figure out two kinds of rules. One is a necessary rule. For example, cars drive on the left side of the road. The society becomes in a chaotic situation without the rule.


Another is a speed limit. It’s safe if the speed limit is set. However, no one is confused even if you drive in a little overspeed.


An article “Hidden flaws in strategy” on McKinsey Quarterly in 2003 points out in inherent problems in human brains.


It says;

Flaw1 : Overconfidence

Flaw2 : Mental accounting

Flaw3 : The status quo bias

Flaw4 : Anchoring

Flaw5 : The sunk-cost bias

Flaw6 : The herding instinct

Flaw7 : Misestimating future hedonic states

Flaw8 : False consensus


It may be necessary to suspect the common sense.


Author: mickflyaway

I'm Mick. I write bolgs focusing on business related subjects.

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