Dissatisfied response


I’m visiting housing builders every weekend. My house was built 50 years ago, and I’m considering a new one. So I’m in a researching time of the house builders. However, I’m confused what indicators I should take to narrow down them.


Big housing builders have several ways to promote their houses, including commercial films on TVs or models houses. I can get the information. I’m sure that the housing builders assure reliability as well as their housing starts performance. However, I’ve learned the prices of the houses are higher than others because the operating expenses are included in it.


So I visit smaller housing builders. Instead of no advertisement on Media, the prices are lower. But I don’t know what advantages they have compared to the major housing builders.


Today I visited a small builder. There was only a young female staff, as other sales reps were out. Although she dealt with me, she could not have a sales talk. I was dissatisfied. I guess that the housing builder will be able to offer houses which can meet the customers’ satisfaction. But it’s shame that she could not talk about charm points of the house.


The sales staff are a first window for the customers. The impression of them is important. Even though they are young staff, it’s not good to lose an opportunity of the sales by the dissatisfied response. I realized it.