Stop thinking phenomena


I found a description about “stop thinking” as I read a book yesterday. The writer defines it as not to think on the basis of superordinate concept. He says that a behavior as thinking is a thought treating the high-level concept. The “thinking” is to look at something objectively.


For example, we can see lots of formatted reports which we have to fill in in an office. At a daily work, we work on the task to fill in it without thinking. It turns means into objective. When we think about the real objective, the behavior to fill it the formatted documents is questionable.


It’s easy to concentrate on the tasks without thinking. Humans are a lazy creature, so we are happy if we can do something without suffering. The regular work that we are used to are comfortable, despite of boring.


It’s really understandable. As I participate in meetings, the members opt to think only about the means. I think we should keep the purpose in mind. But it’s easy to pass out of mind.