Innovator and anti-innovator


When we discuss new business, people are divided into two. One is those who favor for the new business, and another who oppose it. The raft is never bridged.


I found the following description when I read a book today. There are two kinds of people in the business world. Innovator and anti-innovator. As a company get to be big, the latter people account for  the majority. They always follow precedents. Their opposite word of “success” is “failure.”


Innovators are solitude, but they don’t care about the situation because they firmly believe their future dream. They don’t follow the precedents. It’s them to make a challenge to matters that no one has tried. Their antonym of “success” is “not to challenge.”


We are living in the world that we can’t foresee the future. So no one can say what will happen. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. It’s important to take a first step.


When I encounter the rift at a meeting, I think we should become innovators more.



Author: mickflyaway

I'm Mick. I write bolgs focusing on business related subjects.

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