I’ve worked for companies for a long time. I came across injustice by employees or directors during my office worker life. I heard a rumor at my previous company two decades ago that a director usurped company’s money as much as some ten million yen for his mistress. But he wasn’t fired the company because of lack of his replacement. After I started working at the current company, I’ve encountered a couple of inappropriate matters related to money.


The primary objective of enterprises is not to gain money. However, profit organizations have to earn money. In particular, people who hold a stake or are easy to access money might have a thought to try personalizing the company money. I hate the dark side of organizations. But I may have to give up my mind not to forgive the injustice in some degree.


For example, I heard that budgets which public sectors obtained at the beginning of the fiscal year need to use up to secure the next year’s budgets. Even though they are not necessary.


Enterprises have to invest for the future growth. They are not always get to be successful investments. Failures of large-scale investments generate large loss.


Though compensations of CEOs in Japanese companies are less than those in the US companies, I wonder if they are really proper value.


We live in a society dominated by money. Economy is one of the primary concerns. Unfortunately we can’t avoid the reality.