An exciting speech

 When I heard a speech by a small machining company’s CEO this week, I felt very excited. Though I’ve heard lots of speech, it was one of the best stories.


The speaker was CEO of Yuki Precision Co,.Ltd, which is a small factory with 30 workers to make parts mainly associated with aerospace and medical fields. It was founded by a grandfather of the current CEO in 1950. In the high economic growth era, the machining business making small parts of public telephones was thrived. After the collapse of the bubble economy, the revenue plunged and it was in verge of bankrupt. The current CEO took over the business.


At first, he said he didn’t find out what he should make. He collected customers’ voice. They trusted its “high quality.” And his maternal grandfather was a pilot. So he made up his mind to make a challenge to the aerospace field. He participated in an aerospace exhibition at the first time in 2008. It’s gradually increased orders from customers all over the world.


He challenged small artificial satellite projects. In 2014, it launched an artistic one in cooperate with a professor of Tama Art University. Now he takes a part in a project collecting space debris. Each story of the projects made me excited because they are unknown fields for me and I received his passion and dream.


He talked about other stories including medical equipment, expensive watch “Tourbillon” and precision top, which spread all over the world and the world contests of the precision top “Seimitsu Koma” are held.


I think his company has a limit thanks to the small sized business. However, he goes out from the subcontract posture, and he shows an attitude to pursue dreams. It encourages us because it has dreams. In a daily life, I’m convinced that everyone wants to hear such a story.