Target setting

target setting

I read an interview piece of an ex-athlete the other day.


He was a track and field athlete who participated in several Olympic Games, and retired five years ago. He says, “There are clear goals in the sports world. I had an ultimate goal that I would take the first place at my athlete event.” He worried about what he should do if he lost the target after retirement.


He began to think like this. “I dedicated my athlete days of 20 years to set targets and solve the problems in order to get to them.”


He could feel at ease more, after he regarded it as an capability which could apply for everything.


There are several periods in our lives. He tells us that he think it’s important to sort out what we have done for our lives, not only the results but also the processes. Almost all people have been defeated by someone from the viewpoints of the successes.


However, efforts setting targets to solve problems are unshakable and have us grow confidence. Many people are not aware of it. Anyone has something to be proud of. It has universality even if we go forward to another life. If you feel worrisome, you can find ways to solve the problems by looking back your life.