Crusher boss


When I read a business book this morning, I found a word “Crusher boss” today. It’s an interesting story.


An industrial physician was employed by a company, and he visited there once a month to play his role as checking poor health condition from workers. At one point a worker came and consulted him that he suffered from depression thanks to bullying from his boss. He had been forced to deal with lots of works that he almost couldn’t do them. So he became ill and couldn’t go to the office.


The industrial doctor summoned his boss and talked his symptom and asked to improve his instruction to the patient. The boss replied that he had treated him as developing his ability. And he said, “young generation these days don’t have patient. If he bore the difficulty, he could not climb the corporate rudder. I’ve been appointed the current position by crushing eight people.“  He never changed his attitude.


I haven’t known the word “crusher boss” until reading the book. But I can’t help but admit the existence of these kinds of people. In the business world, as seeing from an aspect, people surrounding oneself are all competitors. If one doesn’t win the competition, he/she can’t promote or ensure a position in the company.


It’s a fact. However, I think it’s not what we should be. Human right should be respect. A way to force people to work until midnight and to be posed too much work load, and result in depression or death from overwork should not be acceptable.


The word “crusher boss” itself shows the reality of business world in Japan.