Growth and aging

growth and aging.png

As I get old, and the retirement day is approaching despite of several years later, I think vaguely about life after the retirement. My son has graduated from the university last year, and he lives alone in Tokyo. As thinking about the situation, he has grown enough to become independence. On the other hand, I have begun to age.


When I read a book about business management once, I found an analogy that a writer tried to compare between humans and companies. In case of humans, we live on the premise of death. But most of company managers attempt to make sure the longevity without aging.


Death is the law of nature. Creatures must be subject to it. The writer says that the companies follow it, too. The aging of companies is always progressing. The good old days will never return.


To prevent the aging, change of top management is one of the most effective ways. If the industry which the company belongs to is facing on the transition period, it’s much more effective.


Growth and aging. We can’t escape from it. To keep our youth, we need to live lively every day. Companies need to get rejuvenated, for example replacement to a young leader.