A philosophical thought


When I read a postscript of a book about Artificial Intelligence last week, I found a philosophical thought. Sometimes I encounter these new thoughts, it’s pleasure for me. I’d like to introduce it.


The writer refers to a conception created by Georges Bataille, “usefulness”.  Bataille developed the theory criticizing the usefulness. People who live in the Capitalism are obsessed with the usefulness, and they are prone to lay weight on useful things too much.


However, efforts to try to capture future profit are activities scarifying the present time. It is subordinate to the future. The current life is covered by the activities pursuing the usefulness, Bataille thought.


Current valuable stuff will lose the value when they don’t become useful. Therefore the value of humans is ultimately based on the usefulness. Bataille put “sovereignty” in an opposed position to the “usefulness”. It means a value regardless to be useful or not.


Basically it’s a peculiar disease of people in the modern times that they worry about whether they are credited or not. It’s a product by conversion value brought by the Capitalism.


Bataille named it a “sovereign” who is satisfied with necessary stuff for living without working and can consume them excessively. If the AI technology grows, everyone can embrace the benefit and possibly become a sovereign.


The author cites Keynes words. We highly evaluate purpose rather than means again, choose goodness than usefulness. We will respect a person who tells us how to live a day generously, who can find a joy in stuff directly, who doesn’t work with sweat.