Today is my birthday. As getting old, I don’t have a feeling that I’m moved by turning a year older. However, I’m happy to get congratulatory words from people.


I have accounts on some SNSs including Facebook, and I have connection with people who I’ve never met directly. A person lives in India, and another is probably Vietnamese. I got a “happy birthday” message from them. As I didn’t expected it, I feel happy despite of having an embarrassing feeling.


For example, Facebook encourages us to send a birthday message to friends on their birthdays. While I think it as an interfering notice, it must be one of effective means to build relationship. And the relation acceleration brings SNSs benefits including increasing account number.


I’m wondering whether people in foreign countries don’t have an uncomfortable sense to send the happy birthday message. Does the birthday have an important meaning more for them than for Japanese? If it does, I want to know. It may be cultural differences.


I got presents from my son, who began to work since this April, today. Tea set including tea bags and assorted cakes are presents as his gratitude for us as he received his first salary. And a music CD is my birthday present. I didn’t expect them, so I’m happy.


What someone remembers my birthday is not bad. I’d like to be genuinely grateful to people celebrating me.