My son has come back to my home from Tokyo while his New Year’s holidays until yesterday. He began to work in Tokyo last spring. I’ve never been to his place through his university period. As he seldom came to ours when he was a university student, I was sure that he had a good time there.


When I went to Tokyo at a business trip last November, I met with him. I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He honestly replied yes. And he told me an episode that he was introduced to her mother the other day. As it was an unexpected episode, I was bewildered by it.


As more investigation makes him upset, I had not asked him more. When he came back to my home this time, I heard that he went on a date to Disney Sea and Disney Land last December. It’s a good thing that he has a girlfriend as he lives alone in Tokyo. It must be a motivation for him to work in Tokyo.


For me a parent, I’m concerned about a date of marriage might be closing. As he started working last year, he has little financial leeway. But it may be an unnecessary worry. If his girlfriend and he made a decision, they would start to live together. I have no room to do except blessing.


After he backed to Tokyo late yesterday, usual living of my wife and me started again. Come to think of it, I too had a time to date with my wife. It was one of the happiest time in my life. I’d like to watch him warmly. It’s my sentiments at the family gathering.