Nodoguro rockfish


I came to Izumo, western part of main island of Japan, today. I looked forward to this trip because it’s a first time to visit Izumo Taisha, the most ancient Shinto shrine in Japan. However, today was a moving day and I just arrived at Izumo-shi station.


After I strolled around the station, I entered an Izakaya restaurant. As looking at several Izakaya restaurants, I found that they offered Nodoguro rockfish as a local specialty dish.


I ordered a broiled Nodoguro with salt. The dish is sold as a current price, and it was 2,300 yen today. It’s surely expensive. However, as I put a piece of the fish into my mouth, I was fascinated by the taste and soft texture, in particular the fish oil was so tasty. You might wonder as I expressed that the fish oil was delicious. It was no smelly, but rather plain tasting with slight salty. Of course, the fish meat was so soft and tasty. I can rarely eat such a delicious fish.


I guess that the catch volume of Nodoguro is not so large because the rockfishes always hide in rocks of the bottom of the sea. Anyway my trip to Izumo started with a delicious dish.