I went to a department store today. It’s Monday. I worked behind a desk as staring the PC screen at the office in the morning, and I headed for it with my colleague in the afternoon.


In Japan, it’s a Valentin season now. It’s different from Christian countries, so it doesn’t have a religious meaning. It’s regarded as a special day to send chocolates from women to men.


The department store had a special event floor where as many as nearly 30 confection or chocolate specialty shops hold corners. I stepped in it, and confirmed many women from high school girls to middle aged. Venders provided potential customers small piece of sample chocolates.


Even in the weekday, I saw many women bought the expensive box of chocolate. As calculating the price of one piece of an expensive chocolate, I found it was 500 yen. Of course, it may be worth to be paid as they are made by hands of confectioners with selected raw materials.


As seeing the scene, I thought it would bring a big economic effect. The custom to send chocolate to a man who a woman secretly feel love to was created by food companies in Japan. However, It’s Japanese who have sympathized with the strategy.


I guess that many Japanese both male and female may think it as an occasion to make a good memory. So chocolate is not the main character in the Valentin day in Japan. Each person is the main character.


My wife probably won’t give me chocolate in the Valentin day, because I eat it every day.