At an Italian restaurant


I went out to an Italian restaurant with my family on Saturday. It is a franchisee restaurant of Tokyo based company. There are lots of franchisees over Japan, so I think the business seems to be good on the whole.


When we entered it, I got aware of few customers. While there were about 20 tables, just only four tables were filled with the customers despite of Saturday evening. A middle-aged woman took an order from customers. I didn’t see other waitresses.


I placed an order of cream sauce pasta with mushrooms and chicken as it was an autumn season limited dish. The waiter brought me my order. The moment when I put it in my mouth, I noticed no taste. At first, I suspected myself if a sense of my taste didn’t work. But it was something wrong. I asked my wife to try to taste it. She also said it was no taste.


When a cook came close to my table, I told him that the pasta was tasteless. Soon he apologized me as he forgot to put salt and some seasonings in it. And he started to cook another one for me. The recooked pasta had a good taste.


I perceived the reason of few customers. Even though it is a franchisee and the procedures to cook dishes are prepared, such a careless mistake keeps customers away.