Hospitality and over-quality


My company has an annual meeting with an important customer around this time of year. It was held on last Friday this year. I was a secretary and proceeded with the preparation from compiling a presentation document, setting the venue and request for the relevant department. I’m sure that it successfully ended. The customers and my company directors probably were satisfied with the meeting arrangement.


Before the meeting, staff of the secretariat discussed how to offer our hospitality to them. Though we serve coffee, we placed an order to a genuine coffee shop and brought four coffee pods from it. The coffee taste was richer than that of a coffee server in the office.


My boss came up with an idea to serve something sweets when we serve coffee. The staff tried to talk into him that it’s over-quality. But he didn’t listen to it. Then a few staff drove to a department store and climbed up to an exhibition hall where many chocolate makers sold sweets for the Valentine day, and got 48 pieces of 72% cocoa chocolates.


Some staff questioned if we should serve the chocolate with a cup of coffee at the business meeting. Of course, it depends on how deep the relationship with the customer, or what atmosphere we hope to make. However, they claimed that chocolates are unnecessary for the business meeting.


I can’t say which is better. But I know one thing. It’s we can’t go back to how it was before. That means that we need to serve something sweets for the annual meeting next year. Thus, the preparation is becoming tougher under the name of hospitality.