Tasteless dishes

Nagoya Kochin.png

The end of this year is approaching. I took a leave today despite calendar of my company was a working day. I helped my wife by cleaning up doors and rooms. It’s preparation for the upcoming new year.


Except chores, I spent a quiet day and looked back this year. Similar curious incidents at some restaurants happened on us. Firstly, when I went out to an Italian restaurant in this fall, the cook forgot to add salt to my pasta. As I complained about the tasteless spaghetti to a staff, the cook immediately made a new one again and brought it to me.


The next, when my wife and I visited a curry restaurant last month, though my order was normal, the curry rice she placed an order seemed to have less taste even though it was curry. Curry consists of lots of seasonings. She said that something important seasoning was missing. She was upset to the dish and told me that she would not visit the curry shop for a while.


Last incident occurred on this month. When we went to Nagoya, we ate a dinner at an Izakaya restaurant featuring Nagoya Kochin chicken. We ordered a hot pot dish of the chicken. It was a first time to taste the hot pot dish for us. The color of broth was white-yellow, which we thought it must have been a good chicken soup stock. As I sipped it, I didn’t have any taste. The menu said that the broth was seasoned by natural salt. The cook appeared to forget it.


It’s rare that we met the tasteless dishes at restaurants. It’s a basic to add seasoning to dishes. While I’ve heard shortage of restaurant staff at any restaurants recently thanks to prosperity in Japan, ability and responsibility of the restaurant staff and cooks might have been dropping.


Anyway, as looking back this year, the tasteless dishes are unforgettable events.