House builder hopping

model house.png

A big typhoon passed by my area yesterday. There are few damage in neighboring area. That’s lucky compared to areas damaged by it. However, I failed to sleep last night thanks to strong winds.


My house was built about 50 years ago. It’s not adapted by the earthquake resistance standard of the Building Standard Law. Moreover, when I laid down in my bed, as strong winds made it swing. Actually, it might be slight swing. But I felt dizzy. As I’m a natural worrier, I worried about if it would break down. During a daytime today at work, I was sleepy.


I’m considering building a new house. Last weekend and yesterday, I visited model houses of different house builders. I know approximately 200 we have house builders in this area. I believe no one can visit all house builders. So I’ve been to several house builders and heard the features. However, it’s hard to find the differences because some standards including the earthquake resistance and the heat insulation are regulated. They try to distinguish with the exterior and interior designs, and materials.


I’ve learned they are more expensive than I expected. I guess if the house builders meet the building standards, the structure and material costs jump up. After all I don’t know how I have to decide which house builder I should order.


A sales staff of a house builder told me that I should choose one by compatibility with sales person. It may be sure because I have to get along with him/her long time after a house is built. When I heard sales talks, frequently I got bored by their long sales talks.


When I visit model houses and try to make sure if they fit me, I might confirm just the compatibility with the sales persons.