Movie; Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner.png

It’s just nostalgia as I wanted to see the movie. I got shock when I saw the prequel thirty years ago, because it created dark, violent, decadent atmosphere. After I watched it, I bought an original novel by Philip K. Dick and read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” While I liked science fiction books at the time, the world he created was fresh, and I was intrigued.


The prequel was a kind of scary world for me. Very chaotic, and it made me think about what is a human. What future would wait? It might be a unhappy world for humans.


I had a first impression that this sequel was well organized, however, it may be a little complicated if we see it at the first time. I perceived there were lots of advance hints, and they connect to important plots of the story. For example, at the first shot of the film, it projects a green eye. We can figure out the meaning at the latter part.


The projected images created with the help of CG were so beautiful that I could be drawn by the world. However, I was a bit fed up with lots of violence scenes. I wanted to immerse the aesthetic world more.


The protagonist android “K” stared by Ryan Gosling was good. And his AI girlfriend “Joi” played by Cuban actress Ana de Armas was cute. Her character was kind and devoted. Each character was well elaborated.


I enjoyed the world of the “Blade Runner” at the first time in thirty years.