Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast.png

I watched a movie “Beauty and the Beast” at a theater yesterday. It was one of my plans in this holidays.


It was the first musical which I enjoyed several year ago. I didn’t expected things like musical until I experienced it. However, I was moved by the story perfection, beautiful songs in particular main theme song “Beauty and the Beast”, and performance by actresses and actors. So I wanted to see it again.


This movie is a live-action film starred by Emma Watson, exceedingly famous for a role of Hermione Jean Granger in Harry Potter films. I didn’t know that she had stood on a stage of a musical theater, however, I thought she could handle the main character Belle.


As I had a strong impression of the musical version, in spite of unrestricted design which the movie had, I realized that it’s hard to express ability and emotion of humans on the movie made by excellent use of CG.


Originally a prince got transformed into the beast by a witch. It is an attempt to try possibility of humanity. Other characters including a candelabra and a teapot were same, too. I thought that it might be better to restrain the CG usage more.


I became aware of racial diverse adoption. Some black people played important roles. As I live in a local city in Japan where I hardly see other racial people in my daily life, it was fresh and I felt that I lagged behind the global diversity.


Anyway the scene that Belle and the Beast dance to a beautiful song was impressive. It condensed lots of emotions. I was on the verge of shedding tears.