Piano recital

piano recital.png

My colleague gave me tickets of a piano recital a month ago. I like music, but I had never heard classical music except my school days. She gave me them by free, so I went to see it with my wife last weekend.


A soloist was Akiyoshi Sako. He seems to be famous musician who has won lots of prizes, and he is a professor of Faculty of Music Department of Instrumental Music in Tokyo University of the Arts.


He played Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, and Chopin. Firstly I was amazed that he played piano without musical scores. It can be natural as a professional musician. I could not believe the two-hour long performance without the scores in spite of demand of perfection.


As I heard his play, I could imagine the composers characters. Bach was dignified, but development of music was relatively understandable for me. I tasted a noble feeling.


Beethoven, he played Sonate fur Llavier Nr.23 “Appassionata”, was a moody unpleasant person, I imagined. He suffered from ear disease and seemed to lose hearing ability. I agree that everyone admits his ability. However, if he were around me, I could not handle his temperamental character.


Debussy was close to contemporary music. We might sometimes hear his music as a background music.


Mr. Sako performed several music of Chopin. It was sure that Chopin’s music was filled with lots of notes. For piano players, they are tough musical scores. It means that they are rewarding if they can conquer the scores.


Anyway I enjoyed the piano recital. I realized there were many ways of enjoying classical music.