Jazz live stage; Martha Kato

Martha Kato 180106.jpg

I’m hearing music of Martha Kato, jazz pianist and composer living in New York, well these days. I went to see her performance at Jazz inn Lovely in Nagoya yesterday.


She released her first album “Tales from the Trees” in 2016. She played several songs from it. I know that there are many technically well-skilled young players in the jazz world. Her play style is comfortable for not only listeners who obsessed with jazz but everyone.


In particular, her original music including “departure” and “after the rain” are composed with simple melodies that you can hum. She hums with playing piano. That simple melodies can attract many people from little children to elders. And she develops compositions and plays improvisation. The tunes were awarded by ASCAP.

Though I had heard her music from her album and Youtube videos, I got an impression that she took more improvised approach at yesterday’s performance. It might be a bit different from audience expectation. It’s a contradiction of jazz players. The more they get into their play, the less normal audience expect them.


There were about 30 spectators at the last night live performance. Many seemed to be her or her father’s acquaintances thanks to her home town. And I perceived few young people. She is still young. I thought that more young generations would have seen her live stage. I look forward to her activity.