Tokyo Jazz Festival 2017

Tokyo Jazz.png

It was a nice day to strolling around Yoyogi park on September 2nd as the temperature fell down at 24 degrees. This year’s Tokyo Jazz Festival was held at Shibuya area. I enjoyed Jazz music at NHK hall and Keyaki Namiki Street.


Before the performance started at the NHK hall, I saw a band by members selected from Aoyama Gakuin University Jazz Orchestra. They were young and gave cheerful and passionate performance.


At the Hall, Yosuke Yamashita special band was the first section. He played several songs from his album “Jyugemu” released in 1980s with a few young players. I thought his way of playing piano and MC was not changed. But young players added something chemicals.


The next was Go Go Penguin’s stage. It was a latest trend from the UK or Europe. It’s a simple constitution of piano trio. But I thought the sound adapted a spice of British Rock. Anyway it’s a new direction of jazz music.


Chick Corea and Steve Gadd new band was the last section of the daytime Hall concert. Both aged, however, they were cheerful. In particular, I had heard Steve Gadd suffered disease a few years ago, so I had worried about his play. But it’s no worry.



I think it’s hard for jazz musicians to survive the time that almost all people think jazz as an old fad, and the way to earn money from selling CDs has been collapsed by the widely spread of streaming. As a result, famed old musicians can allure spectators. But young musicians try to seek other ways like Go Go Penguin. From the viewpoint of old jazz musicians, they must say they are not jazz. However, new always turns old. I wish that the young musicians create new ways and get more popularity.