Music streaming service

music streaming service.png

When my brother came to my home last December, he said that he uses Spotify music streaming service, with which we can hear about 40million songs with fixed charge.


During the winter holidays, I tried some equivalent services; Spotify, Amazon and Apple. In terms of the sound quality, I preferred to Spotify. But it seems to be less Japanese songs than other services.


In comparison of Amazon Music and Apple Music, I thought that Apple Music seemed to offer more latest music. And I was satisfied with “For You” function of Apple Music more than that of Amazon one. Now I’m hearing music by using Apple Music.


I don’t have intention to advertise Apple Music. These fixed charge music streaming services break down the old structure of music industry. My brother is a musician. He told me that he got only one yen (about one cent) by one time. If a musician gets some amount of money from the service, his/her songs are necessary to be heard at quite many times like a million.


For listeners, the value of music will keep falling. Though they can listen music at low cost, they can’t listen an enormous number of music that the service offers. So music could turn to be a disposable thing. It may be risky because we could lose the importance which music has originally had.


What society will come in the future? Can anyone listen music at any time when we want to hear? At the time, will musicians be able to create new music? Although I thank its convenience, I feel a sort of anxiety of the future music scene.