I don’t have any intention to talk about politics in the US. I read a book titled “Turbulent White House” written by a Japanese newspaper reporter last month. While he writes about US President Donald Trump, it’s very interesting for me because it included lots of contents which I didn’t know.


Former US President Barak Obama made a speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 30th 2011. When he appeared on a podium, his birth certification was projected on a screen. Obama was said to be not eligible to be President as he was not born in the US at the time. It’s Trump who trumpeted it.


His speech was a parody of his birth place suspicion. He kept teasing Trump for 2.5 minutes in his 18 minutes speech. The writer says that it appeared to be a revenge to Trump by Obama who were attacked by a fake news of “birth place suspicion.” Roger Stone, Trump’s politics adviser, said that he determined to run for a Presidential Campaign at the time.


When I read it, I realized that humans aren’t able to allow teasing people, and the teased people seek an opportunity of revenge. In a society, in a community, in an organization, this kind of response could develop a big trouble. I thought that it’s important to have broad mind and more generous of others.