Book; Future prediction in 2030 by Jacques Attali


I admire Jacques Attali since I read his book “History in 21st century”, which is a title of Japanese edition published in 2008. I’m always overwhelmed by his vast knowledge and his insight to look over future. We call it a prediction. But I don’t know anyone who could predict the future based on enormous data and knowledge.


This is his latest book published in 2016, the original title in French is “Vivement apres-demain!”. He warns people on the earth that we could face a big catastrophe in 2030. In books he released, he raised an alarm which some tragic results could happen in the future. However, in this book he predicts it more specifically. Anger lurking in our minds could cause the worst scenario.


It’s sure that innovations and improving living standard can bring us more convenient society. This society is established by a basis of political and economic freedom. While many notions adopt the capitalism and democracy, globalization is expanding more and more. Economy in the borderless era has not counted on a country. On the other hand, the democracy depends on a country. It can function only within the country. We don’t have a system to organize the whole nations now. The world is just at the verge of falling into the abyss because of lawlessness ruling the world. The democracy can’t see any resolution, and it will lose the influential power. Consequently, anger of people blows up. We will become in chaos.


I guess he has looked at several crises including birth of Trump administration in the USA and of a far-right party in France over the increase of refugees and terrorisms. Not only in Europe and the USA, there are many conflicts in the world. As a result, he points out 99% of people will get furious about the current society. If so, we won’t have a means to prevent a destruction.


He makes several suggestions. When we need a big change about community activity, it’s necessary that every individual change. We have to change our internal minds. To work on ourselves is the same meaning to have a mind to work on to the world in order to make the world to be a place people can live. To do that, we have to respect others, and have an altruistic mind. We will never be able to save ourselves if we take a selfish behavior.


I’d like to share his warning.