Carve out the future by oneself

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I like to read a serialized essay by CEO of a small manufacturer. I’d like to introduce it.


I sometimes stand on a podium of a couple of universities as a non-regular lecturer, and make a lecture of “Local vitalization theory by small-and-middle size companies”. The content is to raise up the power of local communities by contributing them by enhancing the small-and-middle companies’ competency and securing employment stably.


I often talk with undergraduate students who are going to start the job hunting. As I asked them “If you go out into the society, how will you work? Could you tell me your future life plan?”, there is a cliché which they reply with. “I have no idea because I’ve never thought about it.” Sadly, I’ve been hearing such a reply for more than 10 years.


Working is no means to get money. It’s an act to enhance human value. It’s worthwhile to grow by learning through work. The size of companies is not problem. And yet, they hope to big companies as their place of employment. They aim to enter the big companies. Their consciousness as what they work for is scarcity. Universities, students and companies should reconsider it. There are many young people who are active in the front lines by being inspired by my lecture. They say like, “My boss leaves me responsible works”, “The distance between the company president and us is very close”, “I’m rewarding to overseas sales.”


The world condition is always changing now and it’s a period to hard to foresee the future. That’s why I want them to come back to the basic point. I hope that they ponder what they should do to spend a fulfilling life, and they rack their brains to heighten their existence value. Collecting information by oneself, pondering, and acting with one’s own decision. To master the attitude to carve out the future by oneself. I believe that it’ll lead the life which they can be convinced by.