A habit


I went to a business trip to north side of Japan via Tokyo with my boss yesterday. The meeting with a customer ended at earlier time which we had expected. So, we got on Tohoku Shinkansen and arrived at Tokyo station before it got dark. We separated and I hung around in Tokyo station until my Toukaido Shinkansen left. He seemed to have gone out of the station.


My boss came to my desk today and said that he ran around the Imperial House in Tokyo after we separated at Tokyo station. As we visited the customer, we wore formal suits. According to his talk, there seems to be a shop where we can rent running wears ans shoes near Tokyo station. He rented them and ran round the Imperial House two times about 10 km.


I thought it’s far another world from mine. I have a habit of walking after dinner. At rainy days I can’t go out to walking, I feel uncomfortable. The exercise amount of walking is less than running, however, I’m satisfied with the everyday practice that fills in my body requirement at a certain degree.


Maybe running gives us something filling in our body desire. He said that the rental wear shop was very thrived by customers. I was surprised to hear it. Firstly so many people use the shop. That means there are many people who are addicted to run. And the demand is so high. I suppose that a rent of places around Tokyo station is very expensive. The demand surpasses the rent.


It’s a niche business, however, it’s based on the human desire.