Passion and effort

passion and effort.png

The tennis club which I play tennis every weekend is going to be closed on the end of the June. The average age of the club members is relatively high including me. That means there is no young generations. However, due to the relatively narrow age range and the equivalent tennis skill, we enjoy playing tennis each other.


It was founded 37 years ago, where Japan was in the high growth era. Tennis was seen as a longing sport that the rich enjoyed. So it seemed to have sought a luxurious sport club. Though I took a part in it 23 years ago, there were so many people in the club house at the time that I had to wait for my turn for a long time.


The number of the club members has decreased, as I can play tennis without waiting for a long time now. The tennis courts are in a gymnasium. The building becomes old so the roof leaks badly at a rainy day.


The tennis coach gets old. He suffers bad backache. A successor has never been secured. After all, the land owner decided to knock down it because the municipality offered subsidy for the demolition.


When I went to the tennis club last weekend, a tennis friend told me about his effort to have the demolition ceased. He visited the landowner a couple of times and tried to persuade not to demolish the building. He was ready to offer compensation money at the case that the landowner accepted his petition.


He failed the persuasion. But I’d like to praise his passion and effort. Reality is hard. Things don’t work out as he expected.


I reserved city tennis courts on weekends. It’s a plan B. I’d like to enjoy tennis with my tennis friends at the tennis courts I reserved.