Tennis in summer

blazing sun.png

I love tennis. I’ve enjoy playing tennis every weekend since I started working 30 year ago. At the time when I began tennis, it was a fad in Japan. I saw star players including Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe on TV. Tennis courts were full with people enjoying it.


After the trend left, the number of people playing tennis seems to have dropped down, and at least people of the tennis courts at which I play every weekend get old. As Kei Nishikori, Japanese professional tennis player ATP 9th rank now, draws attention of young generation, it may be gaining popularity again. However, the age of my tennis friends is getting old.


The tennis courts are inside. I know that it’s unbearable to play tennis under blazing sun. However, it’s a terrible condition to play tennis at indoor courts in summer, because they are like sauna. There is no wind, but only heated air with humidity. Every summer I’ve bore the condition. And I’ve got confidence of my physical condition by overcoming the sauna condition. But I felt dizzy when I played tennis yesterday. And I could not wake up once I laid down at home.


I usually work at an air-conditioned comfortable office. Sometimes I feel cold even in summer. The gap between the comfortable office and the sauna condition tennis court is very big. I can’t help it. I have no idea to give up playing tennis. I go to tennis with taking care heat shock. I think something good waits for me if I get over the summer.