Un-restrained relationship

tennis court2.png

A tennis friend planned a drinking party last weekend. It was supposed to be held with five members, but only three appeared.


The tennis club at which I’ve played for 25 years is going to be closed at the end of June. People who have enjoyed tennis at the tennis courts are searching alternative ways including enrolling another tennis club. I also looked for some tennis schools. However, I didn’t find good one compared to the current familiar tennis club where anyone can play tennis without booking the tennis court or arranging time with friends. We have been able to maintain a cozy condition.


Unfortunately I don’t think that any tennis clubs tolerate such un-restrained relationship among the club members because of economic reason. The tennis clubs have to keep profits so that they need fill the tennis courts with people playing tennis as much as possible.


He tried to make a tennis association with the current tennis club members. He is a scrupulous person, so he made an association rule and tried to restrict tennis friends. It won’t go well. I suppose that it’s obvious that no one wanted to attend the party.


I began to play tennis at a public tennis court with my wife since last month. It’s not an enjoyable work to keep the tennis court because many people rush to keep it. The municipality uses a lottery system. Though it draws lots two months before, the application ratio is so high that it’s hard to win one.


If I can keep the public tennis court, I invite the tennis friends. There is no rule. It’s enough. I’d like enjoy just playing tennis. Neither more nor less.