Tennis elbow

tennis elbow.png

The outer side of my right elbow has hurt since a month ago. I’ve played tennis every weekend with friends of my same generation since I started working thirty years ago. Fortunately I had never hurt about my elbow.


After a part of frame of my previous tennis racket broke on May and I got a new one, I’ve been annoyed by pains of my body parts. At first, my right shoulder hurt. At the worst condition, I could not raise my right hand. My wife told me that it’s a frozen shoulder, and it might take a long time to heal it. However, the pain eased in this summer.


Instead of it, I suffer with the tennis elbow. I love playing tennis, however, I can’t enjoy it with the pain. It’s shame. As getting old, muscle strength gets weak. In particular, parts of tendons are easy to be damaged.


When my racket broke, I chose a new one which was a new model that I used to use except the smaller frame size and 10 grams heavy weight. At the sport shop, I could not find out one with the same frame size and weight. Though I asked a staff if it had one which I wanted to buy, he said that it’s necessary to order it to the maker. So I was convinced to use it as I thought I would manage it. The result is the shoulder injury and the tennis elbow.


Even though it is two inches smaller frame size and 10 grams heavier weight than the previous racket, I realized the differences, and I should take care of the physical burden. I sadly admit my deteriorating physical condition.


I know that many elderly people, even 70 years old and 85 years old, enjoy playing tennis. We live in a longevity society. The average life span of Japanese is 83 years old. In the future, many people live further longer life. I think we need to make an effort to take care of our bodies.