An automotive exhibition


I visited an automotive technology exhibition at Pacifico Yokohama last week. This exhibition is annually held at the same time with the JSAE (Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) Annual Congress. I regard the Annual Congress as more focused.


The automotive technologies are expanding only from mechanical technologies including engines to digital technologies including autonomous driving. What requires to the engineers is changing from the mechanical engineering to the electronics and control engineering. However, expertise of the engineers can’t easily be changed. We understand shortage of skilled engineers related to the new fields.


As looking at the session schedule of the Annual congress, I found out various fields concerning the automotive technology. Though, the electronics and control technologies are classified as a part of the human engineering. I’m not sure it’s enough. It may represent the actual situation as short of engineers of the new fields.


Before I entered the venue, I had to wait in long line. At this time, I felt a bit tired. I strolled to many booths and talked to explainers at the exhibition. Many exhibitors showed prototypes or products dealing with the current auto industry trend including electrification. I had a poor impression about some exhibitors which had no new products.


In the automotive industry, there are almost fixed members. New comers have high barriers to entry including fixed supply chain and quality assurance system. In that sense, it is so closed circle. If the exhibitors show no new technology or products, I think there is no need to attend it.