A Jazz festival event was held at a café in Tokyo yesterday. I went to see it. Several musicians and bands participated in it, and my brother’s band, a sax player, was invited and did a good performance. After the stage, the next performer was a piano player, who plays at two bands. He said that he had asked other band members to take part in the event, no one could not arrange their schedule.


He was supposed to play piano by himself, the planner asked him and my brother to make improvisation. After he played a few sole tunes, he introduced my brother and played two jazz standard song including Stella by starlight. The pianist lives in Tokyo area and my brother resides in Nagoya. While they didn’t have a time to make a joint practice, I heard quite beautiful renditions. I admired the professionalism.


I don’t know how much practice they need to play the standard songs so exquisitely without musical scores. Even if they don’t have the musical scores and they don’t make a joint practice in advance, I guess that they can play them in accordance with rules of jazz music. It’s very great. Even if they can’t communicate by language, they can do it with music.


Now music industry has been destroyed by e-commerce. Many musicians can’t earn money by selling CDs, and suffer keeping their living. The improvisation made me rethink that music was great, and players’ passion to music.


There were lots of musicians in the café. They talked each other and seemed to have built a relationship. Such a connection may be useful in the future. It’s a same as general business.