Kinds of meals

During this summer holidays, I had some kinds of course meals at restaurants. I was happy that they satisfied my appetite which is one of human desires.


At the beginning of the holiday, I had Vietnam meals at first time in my life. While I had perceived the Vietnam restaurant near my city train station, I’ve never tried. As I approached it, I found many customers even at the outdoor tables. It was crowded by many female customers.


I ordered a course meal. Firstly it served spring roll of vegetables and shrimp. Then I had lots of vegetables including lettuce, perilla, sprout and phakchi (coriander). I felt that whole tastes were light with salt and fish sauce Nuoc mam, however, spicy vegetables especially phakchi added impact to dishes. Dishes with plenty of vegetables including Banh xeo were healthy. I understood a secret that many female customers visited. Last dish was a popular Pho.





Japanese dishes make the most of the original taste of ingredients, and express beauty of colors and shapes. It’s a kind of art so that it’s hard to encounter the most precious cuisine. I ate a course Japanese meal at a restaurant in the middle of the holidays. The expression of forms of every dish at the restaurant was good. I enjoyed the appearances. However, the tastes of sauces were a bit rich for me. I prefer lighter taste. I think that the lighter taste can take advantage of the deliciousness of the ingredients. Anyway it’s a luxurious time to have a Japanese course meal. I felt satisfied.





I had an opportunity to eat a course French meal at a hotel restaurant the next day. Eating with many knives and forks is luxurious. I enjoyed the atmosphere created by the restaurant including chefs and servers. The appearances of every dish were good, and the sauces also were my taste. We can’t taste them at Japanese meal. So it’s worth to eat them. I had a great time.




I’m thankful to live in a peaceful country where we can eat various kinds of foods.