Tokyo Prince Hotel

I stayed at Tokyo Prince Hotel yesterday. When I decided to make a business trip last week, I tried to reserve a hotel room within a range covering the accommodation expense of my company, I couldn’t with general Internet reservation sites.


It’s becoming harder to find out inexpensive hotel rooms in Tokyo these days. I guess it’s due part to increase of tourists from overseas. I’ve heard the Chinese New Year holidays began since Feb. 14th. It also might have prompted rise of the hotel fees.


My company adopts a welfare service which offers a wide range of services from travel to cultural lessons. I could find out a room at Tokyo Prince Hotel that it offered with discounted price. Now I stay at a twin room. I have to pay two persons fees, but the total price is less than the company regulated hotel fee.


I stayed at the Tokyo Prince Hotel a few times in the past. It locates at the very best place near Tokyo Tower and next to Zojo-ji temple and in the Shiba Park. When I came to the hotel by foot last night, I saw the red illuminated Tokyo Tower. It was very beautiful.


It opened in 1964, and has a long history. It’s sure that the building itself is old, but it was renovated last year. The old days, there were few premium hotels in Tokyo. This hotel was one of them. So the size of rooms is larger than those of general business hotels. The hotel lobby is filled with high-class ambience.


Although my stay this time was for a business trip, I’d like to use it for my leisure.