Impression of Matsue

My impression of Matsue, Shimane prefecture in Japan, was a windy city. When I visited there during the Golden Week holidays, the weather was bad. A low atmospheric pressure came here, and it brought rain with strong winds.


Lake Shinji is said to be the best place to see the sunset in Japan because Matsue city is located in the eastern end of the lake, there in no object to cut off the scenery. When the sun sets, we can see it over the lake.


The Shimane Art Museum is a good place to wait for the sunset. I went there by foot through the Shinji-Oohashi bridge. On the way to pass by the bridge, I was about to be blown by the strong wind which I’ve never experienced. The entrance hall of the Museum was open to people waiting for the sunset. When I got to the museum, there were many people. I took photographs of the sunset, and l was fortunate because I caught the moment between coming out of clouds and coming into clouds.


After taking the photos, I entered an Izakaya eatery. During I ate dishes, lightings shone and rain started falling. Eventually I had to run from the Izakaya to the hotel.


The following day, I visited a national treasure Matsue Castle. It was a five-story building colored by black. According to a pamphlet, it was erected by Yoshiharu Horio, one of the three Churous coordinator retainer, in 1611. After that, the Matsudaira family took over it. The interior is boorish. It consists only of thick pillars and wood floors. As climbing to the top floor, all windows were open. I was scary because of the 30m height with the strong wind. I walked around the moat, and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the historical streets and houses, which have thrived with the castle.


Although the weather was not so good, I had a good time. I’m sure the bad weather as well will be a good memory for me.