Trip3 Nara to Osaka

When I arrived at Tennoji station by getting on JR line at Nara station yesterday afternoon, I didn’t find an exit because of the complicated platforms. It’s quite a contrast to quiet and fewer people Nara. Tennoji station was chaos.


It was the first time for me to visit this area. The reason I chose here as a destination of this trip was I thought it would be a good comparison to Nara. It lived up with my expectation. Nara is an ancient capital of Japan in 7th century. Osaka is a modern urban. I felt that I seemed to have taken a time travel.


As I walked around Shin-Sekai area, I saw lots of small bars serving Kushi-katsu or fried breaded meats or vegetables on skewers. Drinkers drank even in afternoon. Some had long lines waiting for their turns to enter the bars.


Abenoharukasu is currently the highest building in Japan, which opened in 2014. I didn’t climb up the observation deck located above 300m from a ground. You can look at far distance scenery there.


I had a dinner at a Kushi-katsu restaurant in Abenoharukasu. A cook made several Kushi-katsu with various ingredients including pork, eggplant, Sanma fish, Tarako, chestnut etc. Every food was fresh and they were cooked not without losing the original taste. Delicious. I was satisfied with them.


Today I went to Nanba area. On Saturday. Shopping streets were filled with people. I seldom see many people in my town excepting festivals. I felt the liveliness of the area, and it’s a gap between urban and local cities.


I enjoyed an entertainment of Manzai at Nanba. The city can offer entertainments making people excited. It’s an advantage of the big cities. On the other hand, Nara entertains people with its history, which reminds us of greatness of human lives. It’s an advantage of historical ones. We are greed. We want both. Anyway I enjoyed the trip. It was a good trip.