Illumination at Marunouchi


I went to Tokyo yesterday. It was a normal day in Japan even though Christmas.


When I stepped down from Shinkansen at Tokyo station and walked around Marunouchi area in the morning, I was aware of a kind of holiday atmosphere. I saw fewer business people who walked fast than usual, and witnessed several couples holding hands.


I suppose that Tokyo shows us different aspects between weekdays and holidays. On weekdays it’s a working place. Business people wearing suits and ties hurry to their destinations. As I see bright office buildings at night, I realize that the office workers work overtime on the day.


Meanwhile, it changes to a very entertaining urban city on weekends or holidays. There are lots of attractive facilities including museums, concert halls, theaters and amusement parks. Couples and families enjoy them. We can’t enjoy them if we are in local cities. The rich contents can satisfy us. It’s normal that couples and families feel happy.


When I returned back to the Tokyo station at the evening, I was surprised at crowds who tried to take photos of illumination at Marunouchi area in front of Tokyo station. Though I also tried to take the pictures, there were many police officers and they called on people not to stop.


Everyone loves the beautiful illumination, so they wanted to enjoy the beauty. Taking a photo is a must-do thing for them as same as me. I couldn’t do it well because of blurry photos.


In Japan, it was not a national holiday yesterday, however, it provided a holiday ambience. I saw both business people and people enjoying the holiday atmosphere. The illumination was symbolic.