Book: Hi damari no Kanojo (My significant other in a sunny spot)

When I read this novel in a return airplane from Shanghai, I was about to weep with drops of tears.


I bought it at a bookstore in an airport before getting on a plane to kill time. I read a novel after a long interval. It’s a love story. A protagonist boy met a girl in his junior high school days. She was abused by classmates because her grades were too bad. Only he protected her. After he moved to another school, he’s never run into her.


When he visited his client in 13 years after they separated, she was one of his clients. They became boyfriend and girlfriend. After a short period as much as three month, they went away. Afterward, they spent happy ten months. Eventually, the painful separation happened due to abrupt disappearance of her.


I can’t say any more because I have to reveal the secret idea by the author.


The author Osamu Koshigaya writes down episodes of their full of happy life in a careful manner. For the reason, when I encountered the scene of their separation, I brought a lump to my throat. When I was a college student, I lost my love. I sobbed thanks to the sense of loss at that time. I think the aim of the author is successful. At least, it reminded me of the sense.


Creative activities should prompt somewhat feeling to people. In that sense, this book gave me one.