Automobile production prediction

We can look into a car production statistics thanks to each auto associations over the world. I often check the data. The car production figure in Japan is accurate, so it rarely is been corrected by JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association). We can see some data sources of the US auto data by Wardsauto or others. However these figures are sometimes revised.


The sales data of cars as consumer durables play an important role as an indicator of growth rate of the state. So it’s an essential figure for a government and corporations seeking to develop the market. Hence survey firms release the market reports for car sales. They research the external environment in terms of the market and come up with the predicted figures.


On the other hand, the prediction numbers of car production are calculated by production plans of each car makers, if we get the plans. There are a few firms providing the prediction in the world. The data are likely to be accurate. And we can obtain precise data as well as the numbers including manufacturing countries, design companies, engine transmission types, and so on.


These are worth getting for auto related business companies or people. However, it’s so expensive that we can’t pay it easily. I assume that researchers try to get the plans or the production figures directly or indirectly from each automobile company. When they get the data, money may be paid, I guess. Of course some companies or collaborators are possible to leak the data free of charge. At any rate, there are such data in the world. And some are able to obtain it, others aren’t. That’s a big gap.


The scarcity brings to worth money.